Chameleon Roadshow Photography is a well established combination of Weddings & Events photography that also includes Mobile disco services. 

I have 25 years+ in the industry of Weddings & Events along with a photography degree.


We all need to make a living to pay the bills but this kind of work is only truly done by people who want to give there customers something more than just a price.


I am very motivated by passion for creating fun, and then rewarded from the outcome of images and feedback. I love the ability to be a part of people's special day or event, and helping it to become a memorable event, this then makes the images I capture, more than just a picture.

I consider my role as not just a photographer or DJ, I am also responsible in helping you enjoy and live the moment, so that when I am taking pictures or playing the tunes, both are perfectly reflective of that special time.


You live it, I take it!

this is how I see my photography, even the posed shots I like to capture character by simply thinking fun, and sometimes outside the box. These may not be the perfect pictures that I use to advertise my business, but they are a big part of the collection of images you will get to see and keep along with the editorial portraits... on the subject of posed portraits, these are important too, these are the images that end up being printed and shared through the family; Again, my job is to make sure you have these perfect portraits too.


I am understanding of the traditional elements to events, but I am also very interested in new thoughts that can lead to people enjoying their event even more, because it's more about what they want to do on the day. 


Photography is a reflection of time which has been saved to be revisited, relived and to a degree, be immortal. All any photographer wants, including myself, is to use the professional training and skill to capture those moments in the best way. 


What people say...

A large amount of feed back from my customers say that I make them feel like I have been their friends for longer than the brief time I have spent with them. This said, a lot of those same customers use me again and again, which is the biggest compliment I can receive, to which I'm grateful and proud. for testimonials, please visit my Facebook photography page


Finally, about my prices...

I understand and respect the cost of photography, especially the high end wedding photographers, but that said, I also understand what wedding & event photography is about and how expensive things can become.

I recently did a survey to which one of the questions asked 'What do you not like about weddings?' and the most popular answer was cost!

This is why I have placed my prices at a very reasonable cost. I don't consider my services to be low quality, but I do consider my work on the day and the outcome of my images to be of a high quality. There is no printed elements to my packages, again I feel you should have a choice, but if this is something you wanted, I will be more than happy to provide this service at a competitive rate.



I am based on Dartmoor providing professional photography and dj services for Devon and South West England. I also provide independent professional DJ services, and for more info on this, please visit my DJ website page: or Facebook: chameleon roadshow, or use the contact page on this website.

Thank you.